Google’s Atmospheric Reach to the Public Sector

Have you ever wondered how versatile public sector data can be? Or how effectively correct data can drive large-scale events?

Search giant Google recently put A-ZGovBIZ’s comprehensive data to the test through their Geospatial Sydney event on Atmosphere Maps. Targeted to a state and federal audience, the data was used to reach IT managers, strategists, planners, business managers and corporate service managers. The exclusive event was attended only by leaders in government, health and education sectors.

Held in Redfern’s Australian Technology Park, the event was run by Google’s head of Geospatial and addressed new technological directions for Australia’s public sector.

This month Google invited other interested members learn more about Atmosphere Maps. So why launch first with an exclusive focus on the public sector? It is probable that the head of Google’s Geospatial division also shares some of the insider knowledge of A-ZGovBIZ. That is, the public sector matters. This exclusive event allowed Google to communicate to key decision makers across education, health and government.



Michael Bleakley is a journalist, communicator and marketing professional of 25 years. His career began in his early 20’s publishing tech magazines for education. Michael’s career then moved into online and book publishing for a global business publisher, then finally into database publishing and marketing at A-ZGovBIZ.

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