4 reasons to ensure your data is up to date

Narrows Bridge, South Perth

Narrows Bridge, South Perth

It might be tempting to delay taking action to refresh your aging public sector customer database, but here are four killer factors that could throw a spanner in the works:


  1. Amalgamation
    Did you know the proposed merger of South Perth and Victoria Park could create a new council known as South Park? (that’s right, like the TV show – no kidding!)
    The West Australian government is planning council amalgamations which are likely to see the number of councils reduced from 30 to 15. Similarly in NSW – council amalgamation is also on the agenda fuelled by data that showed that in 2013 two-thirds of NSW’s 152 councils were operating in the red.In which state are 67 council elections scheduled for 7 November 2014? South Australia. Over 700 positions (51 Mayors and 656 Councillors) are up for grabs. Once the counts are in A-ZGovBIZ will be updating our database to ensure you can contact all the new local government decision makers across South Australia.A-ZGovBIZ has over 6,483 local government contacts and will be closely monitoring amalgamation plans across the country.
  2. Growth
    Which university is creating 11,000 square metres of new high-quality learning and teaching space?
    The University of Sydney is currently developing the Abercrombie Precinct. The Abercrombie precinct in Darlington is a stone’s throw from the traditional sandstone buildings and manicured lawns of the university. The precinct will include a new Business School and student accommodation buildings. This will replace the 20 buildings currently scattered across the Camperdown and Darlington campuses. A-ZGovBIZ has over 400 contacts at the University of Sydney and will obviously keep abreast of personnel and address changes as the redevelopment progresses.
  3. Privatisation
    Besides being in the health sector what do Medibank, Australian Hearing Services and the yet to open Northern Beaches Hospital have in common?
    Both of the currently Federal government owned Medibank and Australian Hearing Services are being considered for privatisation over the short term. Privatisation is essentially the sale of government owned organisations and assets to the private sector. Similarly a private operator will design, build, operate and maintain the new Northern Beaches hospital which is due to open at Frenchs Forest in 2018. The private operator will be responsible for the provision of clinical and support services for public patients through a long-term contractual agreement with the NSW Government. Privatisation of current government entities and private provision of public health services present opportunities for a variety of businesses. Medibank and Australian Hearing Services alone have 20 contacts in the A-Z GovBIZ data base. Come to us to ensure all contact data is up to date.
  4. Decentralisation
    How many public sector jobs are planned to move from metropolitan Sydney to regional NSW by 2021? The answer is 1,500.
    Such relocation provides great opportunity for regional suppliers. At A-ZGovBIZ we update our database on a daily basis so will keep abreast of all contacts moving to the country. Currently 39% of the contacts A-ZGovBIZ database are based in country areas.

Jacqueline Flynn began her career in the NSW public sector in the 1990’s. She has worked across a number of agencies in human resources, communication and policy roles. Jacqueline is currently utilising her research and analytical skills as a Data Analyst at A-ZGovBIZ.

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