Telemarketing – Read this before reaching for the phone

When planning your next marketing campaign, emails and pamphlets do have their advantages, but you should never underestimate the power of the phone call. With the introduction of new technology, many businesses are turning to email and social media to market their products. While these are valuable marketing tools, this shift has left a gap wide open for telemarketers to make their mark.

Hold the phone - read our tips first.

Hold the phone – read our tips first.

One-to-one marketing (such as telemarketing) allows you to forge relationships with the potential client. By opening up a two way conversation off the bat you have the chance to gauge the interest of the customer, find out what they want and answer any questions or concerns they might have. It is also much easier for the customer to articulate their specific needs over the phone and you can provide an immediate solution to their problem.

Once a relationship has been established, your business will leave a much greater impression than if the client had just received an email or fax, and the next time the client is looking to buy they will be more likely to remember your business. One-to-one marketing strategies are also more likely to generate word-of-mouth recommendations for your business.
Things to consider before you start calling

Never underestimate the value of having a script. Even if you feel confident you know exactly what you will say, having a script will help if you get flustered or momentarily lose your train of thought. However, while always beneficial to have a script, make sure that you aren’t just reading the script verbatim – the person on the other end can always tell.

It is important that you are familiar with the guidelines that must be followed by all telemarketers in Australia which are clearly set out on the ACMA website. These includes rules on the times you are allowed to call, what numbers telemarketers aren’t allowed to call and what information you must provide to the prospect during the call.

Having a specialised telemarketing list, like the ones produced by A-ZGovBiz gives your telemarketing campaign a head start. Our team of data researchers work hard all year gathering direct contact numbers of key decision makers to provide you with direct contact to your target. While direct numbers are not always possible, our lists will provide you with the name of the decision maker. Even just knowing who you want to talk to gives you more credibility as a telemarketer and shows the operator that you know what you are talking about.

For more information about our telemarketing lists email or speak to one of our sales staff on 02 9516 4703.

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