Steps to simplify your marketing campaign


Marketing is expensive, and although you may be tempted to fit as much as you possibly can into your marketing campaign, a simple campaign is almost always more effective. Here are five steps to creating a clean campaign.Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape

1. Make your message clear

Less is more, the client doesn’t need to know every little detail about your product or service from an initial email or brochure. Give enough information to tell them how good your product is, once they have taken the initial bait you can then elaborate

2. Make sure your call to action is simple

You have a great product, you’ve captured the attention of the prospective client, but if your call to action is too complicated the prospective client will move on. Once you have got your message out of there make it easy for the client to take that next step.

3. Keep a clean design

Fancy designs are out, and simplistic is in. Don’t intimidate your audience with confusing layout, present your message in a simple clear way that can be read by someone in a hurry.

4. It’s all about timing

Make sure you are familiar with the buying cycles of the organisations you want to target so you get in before the budget is settled. May and June are generally key times to get your product out there as organisations are budgeting for the next financial year. The time to target schools in generally during the holidays as they plan for the term ahead.

5. Identify your key contacts

In marketing it’s not a case of the more people you reach out to the better. Contacting people who have no authority to make decisions wastes time and resources. Rather than contacting a large number of people with your campaign, avoid the hit-and-miss approach by knowing who to contact. Lists like the ones produced by A-Z GovBIZ put you in direct contact with managers and decision makers in each organisation.


By reducing the complexity of your marketing campaign you are ensuring that your message is being clearly conveyed to the right people with the authority to make key decisions.

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